28 September, 2010

back problems? here's what you should do

Gift yourself with calcium supplements everyday.

calcium supplements

I have scoliosis. Pain on my upper back is, and will forever be, part of my life. I need to do more upper body workout but I can't seem to fit it on my schedule. Yes, I have a busy schedule. Being a work-at-home Mom is not as easy as other people think. Back to my back problem. I do try to not forget my after-breakfast routine of taking my multivitamins. But more often than not, I forget.

More calcium intake is very important for my bones. And yes, for yours too. I try to drink more milk, eat more tofu and other food rich in calcium. But research has shown that calcium from food is not enough. Calcium supplement is very important for our body to get the right amount of calcium that it needs. That's also true with other vitamins and minerals.

Haven't included vitamins and minerals in your life yet? You should start today.


admin said...

thanks for this information.
btw I have something for you at at my space hope you like it..

chesterfoster1980 said...

This is a good reminder to all of us especially those who were working in front of a computer which are more prone to back pains and other similar problems. Frankly, I am not taking vitamins too often times but I'll try to do it frequently. Disney Lake Buena Vista hotels

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