06 August, 2010

nervous and worried

RJ has fever since last night. What's making me worried is his continuous coughing. An asthma attack usually follows excessive coughing. Although the attacks were scarce the past few months, it's still making me worried. The fever has lowered down and his coughing stops after every nebulization. I hope his temperature won't shoot up tonight. And hopefully, his coughing doesn't lead to an asthma attack. 

My reliable, not-fancy-like-Panerai, watch says it's 6:20PM already. Time for RJ's medicine.


Yami said...

Sana gumaling na si Rj. bunso ko nga ngayon parang iba ang tunog ng ubo suspetsa ko may kasama na itong hika eh. Uso pa naman ang sakit ngayon. Get well Rj!

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