09 August, 2010

i thought it will make me rich!

Math was my favorite subject in high school. My math teacher made me believe that I am a math genius! That made me decide to study Math in college. I passed the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) and took up Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics Major in Actuarial Science.

University of the Philippines, UP
I was already counting my salary, when I finally become an Actuary, way before I even graduate and pass my first Actuarial Examination. An actuary is a combination of a business executive, mathematician, financier, sociologist and investment manager. Sounds like a boring, nerdy person right?

Although studying insurance quotes was not part of the curriculum, I still got bored. My heart was not into "working with numbers" anymore but I still finished college.

I did work in an Actuarial firm for a few years but I eventually decided not to become an Actuary after all. What's the use of being rich if I am so bored and not happy with my work. I choose to be poor and happy. Yay for me?


Ruru said...

Yay for you for having the balls to stick to your guns ;p Now that I'm taking up Nursing, I'm astonished to find out that I actually like it. It's funny how I find it more interesting than the econ. subjects that I took in UP. I guess it's also the sign of the times. Unlike our parents who were stuck with the same career all their lives, we tend to shift until we find our niche.

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