29 July, 2010

wedding supplier

One of the many work-at-home business that I tried was being a handmade wedding invitation supplier. I have limited skills in photo editing, just had to buy some nice expensive-looking papers and I was ready to start.

Easy right? No!

I didn't have a maid to help me with housechores. I didn't have a nanny and a driver to bring and pick up my son to and from school. My son is at school from 1pm-330pm only. So my time for the business is from 9pm onwards.

I advertised online and more than five clients inquired the first week, wohoo!

wedding invitation

I got sick, really sick the first week. These about-to-get-married people were mean to me! Okay, just one couple. I did every single detail that they emailed but everytime I give them the finished sample invite - they had to add more details.

Lesson learned: Research, research, research first. And it's ok to ask for help. A contract is also very important or clients would take advantage of you.


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