27 July, 2010

lose weight without sweating

I for the first and last time will admit it. I don't want to stay too long in sweat-drenched clothes. Who, in his right mind, wants to stay too long drenched in sticky sweat anyway? I try to do 30-minutes of cardio workout everyday but I am definitely not, I repeat - NOT, thrilled feeling sweat trickling down my body!


I have been thinking of trying out an all-juice diet or I can ask around for proven safe weight loss pills available in the market today. I have never tried any weight loss pills though, except for the good ones -  vitamins. If ever, this will be my first time.

Which do you think is the better way to lose weight; weight loss pills or exercise?


jem alvarado said...

I think the healthier way to lose weight is to have regular exercise - Jogging or running is very effective in my part.

sigrid @ weighty matters said...

Honestly, I would rather pop pills. But because of that, the weight loss that I have had been working on since August just unravelled. Too bad.

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