28 May, 2010

i can concentrate on blogging

Finally! I don't have to wash the clothes, dishes and clean the bathroom. I finally hired somebody to help me do all those things.

The picture above describes how I multi-tasked for 9 years. Except for the perfect hair, white dress and red heels. Replace the girl above with the girl in the picture below.  


After 9 years of doing everything by myself. This is me now.

Yes! I can finally concentrate on blogging. Except when my son is at home, I should be available to his highness's every holler.

Now, I don't have to miss online opportunities, because finally I won't miss anything... I hope.


Jane said...

Wow, I'd love to be able to hire one someday :)

Thanks for visiting my blog (http:/feistymomma.com) :)

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