14 May, 2010

advertise your online store for free

I salute the small business owners and entrepreneurs that I have met here on the web. I have been blogging for a year already and I have created a new blog http://www.currentraves.com.

No posts yet because I just created it. Still looking for online stores to feature. Please email your website/webstore and a short introduction on your products and services at submit@currentraves.com. If you can also send the link to your best seller, I will feature it on the "hot new products" on the footer of the blog.

Will also extensively advertise your store on facebook/twitter/plurk.

top web store directory

This is my way of helping online entrepreneurs (especially to my blogger friends) "announce" their presence on the web.


lelila said...

hi, great idea, i want to advertise mine! will send you an email in a bit, thanks for doing this!!!

The Dreamer said...

wow! this is soo nice...
i sent you an email...

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