20 April, 2010

who doesn't want a me-time?

I recently watched the Date Night movie. Tina Fey's character said, "Sometimes, I just wish to be alone in an airconditioned room... eating my lunch in peace!"

I hear you girl!

Hypocrites might be shaking their heads right now and saying, "What a selfish mom". It's either that person doesn't have kids yet; had a lot of me-time already or a male person.

What about you, do you sometimes wish to be alone?

I'm right now looking for a picture that can be included on this post. Googled "mommy time". Why are the available pictures, for these keywords, mostly about mommy and wine?


Anonymous said...

I'm not a mother but I think moms should always have their "me-time" to chill and relax before blowing up and getting stressed.

Leah said...

We really need our "me" time... we are not superheroes. It's not being selfish but juggling our time between work and home and kids can really be so stressful.

I normally go to the spa and recharge myself with a full body massage. xoxo

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