06 April, 2010

i now heart my curly hair

My hair perm has gone from bad to "lovely curls", thanks to hair styling tips that I found all over the internet. A few months back, I was not happy with my hair. I was very brave, really I was, not to cry when I saw what the hair stylist did to my hair. It was exactly the hair perm that I told her not to give me!

"You should buy a hair mousse." She must have noticed that I was on the verge of tears. I was jumping up and down (in my head) when I finally found a can of the most expensive hair mousse in the grocery store. My long curly hair transformed into Total Beauty curly hair in just a few minutes after applying the hair mousse.

looove her hair
I get excited everytime I pass by the hair accessories section in a department store. I always end up spending more time browsing hair accessories than doing what I was supposed to do there.

A few weeks back I had a haircut. The hairstylist gave me a layered look. I was not disappointed this time, the haircut defined my curls more! I am not afraid to experiment with my hair now. Next to do is change my black hair color to blonde? Maybe not. 

Having a bad hair day? Make your curls lovely in just a few minutes. Watch video here.


Laarni Lopez said...

weee! congratulations! i still love my curls.. but eventually it would not be as lovely as they are now, so, i'll hold on to this post for now and bookmark it or something.. :p

dymphna said...

i have curly hair and use a flat iron! figures huh?

twinkoolet said...

dont be a blondie just stick to browns. :)

Chris said...

hm.. i dont have curly hair.. i tried to curl my hair once but it just doesnt suit me

Staci said...

Did you ever see that movie Troop Beverly Hills? There's this scene where the troop leader is telling what sounds like a campfire tale, but the scary ending turns out to be that the stylist permed her, and all the girls scream. Your story reminds me of that.

I have naturally curly hair so it always amazes me that people actually put curls in on purpose. I guess we always want what we don't have. I use Garnier curling cream. It's a gel-cream combo and is around $3. I'm not sure how it would work on permed hair, but it makes my curls well-defined, but big curls, not super kinky ones. You might want to try it when you run out of mousse.

I wouldn't try blonde though until your perm grows out. That many chemical processes could make it fall out and break off. Plus, now that it's curly, the cuticle is more open so it's going to soak up the chemicals more.

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