20 April, 2010

do you love shopping online?

I will be launching an online shopping website in a few weeks, I hope. The problem is, I haven't started comparing the web hosting sites that I found online. Some we're recommended by other blogger friends. Some web hosting providers, on my list of prospects, I found while searching online.

A free webhost is a no-no to an ecommerce website. There are a lot of "online thieves" lurking, not safe for an ecommerce business that has a shopping cart and online payment system. And customers won't trust an online shopping site that is using a free hosting service.

What I need is a hosting provider that has a dedicated server. A dedicated server is the solution to make an ecommerce website secure. Yes, it is more expensive but dedicated servers provide numerous benefits to an online business.

I have seen a lot of hosting providers that has unlimited-everything. unlimited webspace, unlimited transfer, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited etceteras. Could that be true? Need to find out if those webhosts are for real!

It would be an advantage if the hosting provider also provide a free website builder. Because I don't know how to create or set-up a website. I need a webhost that is reliable and will help me in everything that I will need to make my ecommerce business successful.

Would need more recommendations. Just leave a comment if you can recommend one.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest that you go with Multiply since it is legal there.

When it comes to theft, well, if you would want to have the payments be sent to you very safe, you could have it Gcashed to you or through your savings account using online payments. Nowadays, online sellers use that (even I, myself, did that before). Anyhow, good luck on your online store, hope it succeeds... Just a thought though... :-)

Mommy Pehpot said...

I have to agree with jayrfallesgon, go multiply.. it's cheaper din to maintain it and less hassle ;) or you can opt for Facebook instead

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