16 February, 2010

el nino? not yet where we live

This is what I usually see as soon as I wake up. This is the parking lot of a famous golf course which became more popular during the ZTE scandal. We chose to live in this part of the city because the neighborhood is very safe and "un-noisy".

Fireworks display can be seen most of the time during the night. PAGASA said that the Philippines is at the peak of El Nino right now. Believe it or not, we still don't use our air conditioner. With all the trees giving out fresh and cool air, who needs artificial comfort during this hot weather.


Mama Ko said...

I think i rather have el nino that having this yucky snow. We can't go anywhere because the roads are so nasty with the ,melted and icy snow.

aMgiNe said...

wow good for you. i could only guess how much meralco will be charging us for our monthly bill this time, we had to keep the aircon on most of the time because the heat is punishing.

btw, thanks for visiting my blog. i already
linked you up, hope you can link me up as well. thanks. :)

erlyn of bluerlyn.com

nuts said...

it's good to wake up in the morning with this view.. btw, will add your blogs in my roll.. see yah.. :)

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