24 February, 2010

create custom made swing sets for your backyard

El Nino is at its peak here in the Philippines already. The scourging heat of Mr. Sun can be felt even if one is already hiding under a tree. Combined with very humid air, taking a bath 10 (ten) times a day is not enough to stay fresh and clean. The horrible punishment of Mr. Sun ends late afternoon at around 5pm. I am planning to have swing sets installed in our backyard, more relaxing to sit on one than on a garden chair.

Kid's Creations, a swing set builder for residential use, lets you custom design your own swing sets with a 3D building program. The designed swing sets can be viewed from every angle. Structures can be added, deleted or changed. Once the basic framework is complete, the real fun begins. Accessorizing is what will make a backyard swing set different from others in the market.

My son will surely love doing the design especially adding the swing set accessories! Accessories are different for toddlers and big kids. The following accessories are available: tire swings, draw bridges, glider swings, wave slides, climbing rock walls, trapeze bar and monkey bars. Fun, fun, fun!

Did I also mention that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a LIFETIME warranty? Not yet? Well, they do!

I am imagining myself sitting on my newly installed swing sets and enjoying the cool afternoon breeze while reading a good book. My son enjoying the swing set plus accessories that he himself designed. Or maybe enjoying a glass of mango-strawberry shake while playing chess with my son.


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