03 January, 2010

rj's mama is not feeling well

I have been sneezing a lot for the past few days. Yesterday I was asleep until 10 am because I feel so tired! I don't have a fever or cough but I have a "full feeling" on my head. My nose is congested, I can't breath while lying down. Yup, I have the (common) cold symptoms.

I really don't feel well. Have to rest. RJ has school already tomorrow.


Seiko said...

I hope you get well soon Mare...drink lots of water and rest well...hugs!!

Mom of Four said...

I hope you feel better. It's the weather I think, lots of fluid and get some rest..Chicken soup too..Take care.

OHMYGUMS said...

Sana ay ok na na this time... salamatpagbisita sa blog ko. Happy new year na rin. :)...(sorry about not being active online anymore,work schedule is killing me but I'll still be here paminsan-minsan)

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