16 September, 2009

warning: white rice is bad for you!

That is actually a reminder for me.

I have been eating a lot (lots and lots of cups) of white rice lately. For all of you who doesn't know it yet, rice is a staple food for Filipinos. Breakfast, lunch and dinner won't be complete without rice. White rice is a perfect partner to almost all Filipino dishes.

I usually cook brown rice but my son doesn't like it. This week I bought white rice during my weekly grocery shopping. RJ's mama is eating more (and getting fat!) instead of RJ!
Will switch back to eating brown rice next week. Or maybe I should just exercise and get to eat all the bowls of rice that I can eat to my heart's content :)


Maricris Zen Mama said...

HA! I don't think it's the rice that's making you fat. I guess its' because you EAT A LOT when you're eating white rice. I'm the same way. I EAT A LOT when it's white. I'm not as much fond of the brown but it does have more nutrients than white. Yes, exercise will be a a great solution. Come join my virtual walk #momswhowalk. Great to meet you! Kabayan!

Elsa said...

hahaha! that's one of my struggles too sis! my favorite... RICE and EXTRA RICE!

Anonymous said...

Diet and exercise goes along. Try to eat camote or boiled banana to replace your rice cravings.

amiable amy said...

girl, bahala na, RICE pa din kakainin ko lagi...kulang yung day pag wala si RICE hehehe

quick visit here girl, see you around

FaYe said...

me and my kids eat brown rice but my husband doesn't like it. we eat 2 times a week rice, the rest of the days pasta and potatoes.

Anonymous said...

haven't tasted a brown rice. pero hindi talaga kumpleto ang meal kung walang kanin :) parang ang hirap nun. :)

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