02 July, 2009

one small step at a time

I was not able to run in Ultra's track oval last night. There was thunder and lightning when we were about to leave, it looks like it was going to rain.

Because I was in a "running attire" already, I just decided to run using the stairs in our condominium building. I went up 32 floors with 20 steps going up each floor. Going up was so hard but going down was easy already.

When my son saw that I was so tired already, he said "Let's go down Mama, you look tired already". I took that opportunity to teach him about perseverance. I told him that no matter how difficult something is, giving up is not the solution. Instead he should do it little by little until he reach his goal or finish what he was supposed to do.

It was a very tiring, yet fulfilling, day.


kAyE said...

inspirational. i SHOULD keep in mind to teach values to my kid through such means when she grows old enough to understand.

Genejosh said...

I have something for you HERE!

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