30 July, 2009

Albay visit; Mayon Volcano - Alert Level 2

I was in Albay over the weekend. As soon as I set foot on Legaspi City, I can't help but notice the very humid air. It was so hot there, way much hotter than the weather here in Manila. It may be due to the seismic abnormality of Mayon volcano.

Main reason for our visit was to see my grandmother who turned 92 January of this year. We also attended our towns fiesta. It became sort of a family reunion for us. Everybody from Manila was there, some relatives from Las Vegas also came home. My son was able to meet, for the first time, my cousin from the states. Last time I saw her was 9 years ago when I visited their family in their old house in New Jersey.

It was a happy weekend.


S-H-Y said...

nko kaka tkot nmn ng volcan na yan, I hope d yan puputok otherwise daming pamilya na nmn ang kawawa..

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