05 June, 2009

Manny Pacquiao is #57

Our very own pound-for-pound champion, Manny Pacquiao, is #57 in Forbes' 2009 Celebrity 100 list. A celebrity's power is measured based on Forbes' formula, earnings and fame. Forbes Senior Editor Matthew Miller said that looking at the components of fame and earnings shows who's important and who's not.

Angelina Jolie, grabbed the #1 slot as the "most powerful celebrity in the world". My favorite Oprah Winfrey, who was at the top for the past two years, is #2. Oprah grossed $275 million last year, 10 times earnings more than Angelina. But Angelina's fame outweighed Oprah's by being on about 20 - 30 times more magazine covers, as well as TV, radio, newspaper and web stories.

Here is Forbes' Top Ten

1. Angelina Jolie.
2. Oprah Winfrey.
3. Madonna.
4. Beyonce Knowles.
5. Tiger Woods.
6. Bruce Springsteen.
7. Steven Spielberg.
8. Jennifer Aniston.
9. Brad Pitt.
10. Kobe Bryant.

Check out the complete list of The 2009 Celebrity 100 at Forbes website.


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