19 April, 2009

Me? A Teacher?

When I was still taking up my bachelors degree (Math), people will always say "math? so you want to be a teacher". I want to shout -- no way! Don't get me wrong, I don't hate teachers. My mom, grandmas, grandpa, aunt and even one of my sisters -- they're all teachers. I just don't like the idea of standing in front of students who doesn't even care what I am saying in front of them while they daydream of who-knows-what. And sad to say, teachers are under compensated here in the Philippines.

After hybernating from the corporate life for the longest time (of course I was my sons yaya), I decided to try working as a private tutor. I distributed flyers in our condominium building. I had to climb 60 flight of stairs with my sister and another sisters yaya. We didn't want to be seen (hello, the cameras in the hallway) so we had to make sure that nobody was in the corridors. Then we had to run (quietly of course) and slide the flyers beneath the doors of 15units on each floor of the condominium.

Finally, my sister losing lots of pounds climbing the stairs paid off (she only weighs 90 before she helped me with the flyers). There were a lot of inquiries, but I wanted a one-on-one tutorial because I don't want to sacrifice the grades of the students. I finally agreed to tutor Mrs B's daughters. They already have a tutor but their grades were failing, so Mrs B decided to look for another tutor.

At the end of the school year, the final grades of my two tutees were 90 and 95. The mom was so happy and I was so proud of myself because tutoring them was very stressful. Those kids really did try my patience. They didn't want to do their homework, doesn't want to study for their quizzes and quarterly exams. Most of the time, the mom even say that its okay if they don't want to study. Not study for the QT, no wonder they were having failing grades.

I had to explain to Mrs B (a lot of times) that instead of just agreeing with them in whatever they want, she should encourage them to at least do their homework. Homeworks are given for the students to be able to understand their lessons more. Understanding their lessons also means that they don't have to exert too much effort in studying during exam weeks.

I had a lot of tutees after that. But I had to stop tutoring when my son got accepted in his schools swim team because of time conflict.

My son always comes first.

Maybe I will try online tutoring next.


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