18 March, 2014

New Philippine Lawyers Named

The 2013 bar exam result is out and a new batch of Philippine lawyers, 1174 to be exact, are named. The country's state university, The University of the Philippines (UP), has reclaimed the top spot after almost a decade of waiting. The state university dominated this year's bar exam since 5 UP law graduates are included in the top 10. 

Here's the complete list of the 2013 Philippine Bar Exam Top 10

  1. Nielson Pangan (85.8%) - University of the Philippines 
  2. Mark Xavier D. Oyales (85.45%) – University of the Philippines                                                   Dianna Louise R. Wilwayco – (85.45%) Ateneo de Manila 
  3. Rudy Ortea (84.2%) – University of Batangas 
  4. Eden Catherine Mopia (84.05%) – University of the Philippines  
  5. Tercel Maria Mercado-Gephart (83.9%) – University of San Carlos  
  6. Manuel Sarausad (83.8%) – University of Cebu   
  7. Katrine Suyat (83.75%) – San Beda College Manila  
  8. Michael Tiu Jr (83.70%) – University of the Philippines  
  9. Marjorie Ivory Fulgueras (83.65%) – Ateneo de Manila  
  10. Cyril Arnesto (83.60%) – University of the Philippines  
Ferdinand Richard Michael Manotoc, the second child of Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos and a grandson of former Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos, is also among this year's bar exam passer.

Among this year's bar passer is Nat King Coles (pronounced Co-les), a professor at the Eastern Samar State University. Although his name prompted netizens to make it trending on social media sites, he admittedly said that he can't sing like the legendary Nat King Cole.

The 2013 bar passers will take their oath as new Philippine lawyers at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City on April 28.

28 August, 2013

Globe Postpaid Promo With Free Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I finally found the postpaid cellular phone plan that's just right for my budget. Thanks to my sister, I was able to get Globe's latest promo of unlimited internet for only 999 per month. And the awesomeness doesn't end there. The postpaid plan comes with a monthly consumable load of Php101 each month and... 

drumroll please... 

... a FREE Samsung Galaxy Note 2!! Such a steal right!? I don't really use my cellphone much for calling, so the Php101 consumable load per month is more than enough for my monthly texting. The unlimited 3G mobile browsing, I can put to good use when I wait for my son at school to do some online work. What's good about Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is I can share the internet connection with my other devices by turning on the phone's wifi hotspot setting. 

Although I can go on and on and on about the awesomeness of this deal, I am still trying to find my way navigating this Samsung phablet. I can't help but compare it with an Apple device but this deal is such a steal, I have no reason to dislike this phablet!

Solar Powered Headphones

A Kickstarter campaign for a solar powered headphones is on its last phase of development. The developers are now looking for early buyers to fund the manufacturing of the first batch of the said solar powered headphones.

It looks like any other headphone but it can do more than what any other headphones can normally do. When in use, this solar powered headphones can also charge your device. 

Cool, right! 

So if you think this new invention is super awesome, head on to Kickstarter.com to place your order.

02 August, 2013

Patience is a Virtue

After spending lots of money for his guitar lessons for the past few years, his 3 guitars and guitar accessories, he has said goodbye to his dream of becoming the best guitar player. RJ, my 12 year old son, hasn't touched his guitar for months. 

I am actually not happy about it. There are days that I so want to badly force him to play the guitar because I know it's one of his talent. But I am trying to show that I'm a patient and understanding mom. 

I just hope he practice sometimes. That guitar ain't cheap!
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